Learn How To Make Your Printed Shirts Last As Long As Possible

Posted on: 30 October 2014

Printed shirts can be a great way to express your opinions to the world. There are printed shirts that say every phrase and saying imaginable. You can even have custom shirts made to show any phrase or image you choose, like from Meder Tee's. Unfortunately, the only problem with these amazing shirts is that they can often peel over time, if you do not take care of them. Use the following guide to learn how to properly take care of your printed shirts so they can look great for as long as possible.

Wash the Shirts in Cold Water

Hot water can cause the shirts to shrink and the print to fade or crack. It is best to wash the shirts in the gentle cycle in cold water to ensure that they are washed as delicately as possible. Be sure to only wash the shirts with like colored items to ensure that no dyes stain the shirts and ruin them.

Allow the Shirts to Air Dry

Printed shirts should air dry rather than being placed in the dryer. The dryer uses very hot heat that can cause the print to pull away from the material and can cause the material itself to shrink. You can choose to hang the shirt on a clothesline or simply lay it over your shower curtain to dry.

Never Iron the Shirts

The heat from the iron can actually melt the print and cause it to become distorted. It is important to avoid ironing the shirts at all costs. If the shirt is wrinkled, the best option is to lightly spray the shirt with water and use a steamer to release the wrinkles. This will not damage the shirt and give you the wrinkle-free look you want.

Hang the Shirts

When storing the shirts, it is best to hang them in your closet rather than fold them to store in a drawer. When you fold shirts to store them, you will usually fold them the same way every time. That means that you will create a crease or fold in the print of the shirt that will eventually damage the print over time. Hanging the shirt allows the print to stay flat at all times to that there are not creases or folds that to damage it.

While no piece of clothing will last forever, following these few simple tips will extend the life of your favorite printed shirts. The tips are easy to follow and take just a few extra seconds to do.