The Best Fabrics For Work Clothing And Uniforms

Posted on: 28 January 2015

Many different types of jobs require employees to wear work uniforms. Many of these are jobs that involve the employees' working outside, in factories or in auto mechanic businesses. It is very important that the work clothing is strong, durable and keeps the person wearing it as comfortable as possible. Often work uniforms are made of different material than normal clothing. These fabrics are designed to absorb perspiration when the weather is hot and to keep the wearer warm when the weather is cold. These are some of the best types of fabrics for this type of clothing.

Cotton Duck 

Cotton duck fabric is considered to be an ideal material for work uniforms. It is actually made of a canvas material. This means it is woven tightly together, which makes it block away cold winds and help protect you from spills and splatters that soak through other fabric.

This fabric is used more than any other for work uniforms. Cotton duck fabric has a smooth snag free surface  that also withstands being exposed to high temperatures. There are no worries of it melting if you are working with machines that heat up and it the stiffness of this fabric softens up with regular machine washing.


Denim is another fabric that is preferred for work clothing. This material fits close to the skin and is extremely comfortable. It is a cotton twill type fabric and is very breathable when worn in especially warm areas.


Synthetic fabrics are also being used more commonly in work clothing. This includes nylon, polyester and other synthetics as well. While these were not very popular in the past, new technology has made synthetic material stronger, more breathable and more comfortable to wear. 

Synthetics are seen most frequently in the making of coveralls that may be worn in auto mechanic shops or companies that provide lots of services outdoors. These coveralls are perfect for blocking out both cold winds and heat from the sun.

With the proper fabrics for work pants, employers can provide a more comfortable working atmosphere for their employees. When the employees are protected from the heat and cold while working, they can better perform their duties.

These work pants for sale online also look more professional for those who work with the public than common street clothing does. Many employers provide the uniforms for their workers and even pay to have them professionally cleaned on a weekly basis.