Engagement Rings: How To Choose An Affordable Metal & Stone

Posted on: 17 February 2015

Do you want to surprise the love of your life with an engagement ring but need to do it on a small budget? The key to purchasing a beautiful ring that will not come off as cheap is giving thought to the type of metal chosen for the band and the stones used. In this article, find out how to present an affordable engagement ring to your spouse that has the appeal of one that is more expensive.

What Kind of Metal is Ideal for an Affordable Engagement Ring?

The most affordable metal to invest in for an engagement ring without coming off as cheap is silver. The great thing about silver is that it is a precious metal that can look just as appealing as a ring constructed of white gold. The key to investing in a silver engagement ring is to make sure the ring is not simply coated with silver. A thin coat of silver can wear off and expose a cheap metal like copper underneath. The only problem that may happen with a pure silver ring is that it can tarnish, which can be polished and made to make new if it occurs.

Another affordable metal option is a ring that is constructed out of silver with a real gold coating. You will have a ring that is constructed completely out of precious metals. The gold may not wear off depending on the quality of the ring. But if it does, there will still be silver to enjoy. 

What Kind of Affordable Stones is Ideal for an Engagement Ring?

If your spouse loves the look of diamonds, you may want to opt for stones that are man-made. A good option for the engagement ring is cubic zirconia stones. You will find that cubic zirconia stones are so close to the look of diamonds until it is hard to tell the two apart without the knowledge of a professional jeweler. You can also purchase cubic zirconia stones in multiple different colors. You can opt for the birthstones of you and your spouse to make the ring special.

Getting engaged does not have to be something that will break your wallet. Smart metal and stone choices for an engagement ring will make your spouse happy and keep you on track financially. Stop by a jewelry store like P.K. Bennett Jewelers to find the perfect engagement ring that you can present with confidence!