Plan The Perfect Mother's Day

Posted on: 6 May 2015

There aren't too many people who will not admit that mothers play an all-important roll in their lives. Whether it's your mother who patched up your scraped knees and elbows when you were little, or your wife who does the same for your children and takes care of you at the same time, Mother's Day is the day to remember the special women in your life. Here are some ideas for you to consider that will make it a lovely and memorable event.

Start Early In The Morning - Catch her before she leaves the house!

  • Start the day with music! If you are not at home, you'll need your cell phone. Can you imagine your mom or your wife awakening to a phone call and, instead of your voice, she hears the strains of a meaningful song? Consider The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Baby Love, or any other song that you know she loves. If you don't feel comfortable singing yourself, get a recording of the song.
  • Breakfast in bed might seem obvious, but it's still a great thing. If you are not there to deliver it yourself, find a restaurant that will do early deliveries. If you are preparing the meal and you're an accomplished cook, go all out. If you are not a good cook, consider croissants accompanied with jam, chocolate covered strawberries, and her favorite beverage served in a fancy glass. Don't forget flowers on the tray!

Give The Perfect Gift - As you shop for gifts for your mother or your wife, remember that many women love anything that combines loveliness with sentimentality. That means that something in a frame will be well received. Of course, you can go to a gift shop to buy a frame yourself, but you might need a custom framer for some gifts.

  • For your mom, consider asking the framer to do a shadow box for you that includes things like a baby bonnet, a pair of little gloves, and your birth announcement.
  • For your wife, another idea is to ask the framer to do something special with your song. You might have the vinyl record you danced to together. It would look stunning with the right mat and the perfect frame.
  • Do you have art work your children have created? You might be surprised at how beautiful and professional that art will look when placed in a gorgeous gold frame. It will be lovely enough for your living room.

Have fun planning a wonderful Mother's Day. To learn more about custom picture framing and gifts, contact a business like Hoosier Highlander