4 Benefits of Indoor Water Fountains

Posted on: 7 July 2015

Many people believe that indoor water fountains are only utilized in commercials spaces. It is true, of course, that indoor water fountains are used in spas, fancy hotel lobbies and yoga studios. However, there are multiple benefits that come along with indoor water fountains purchased for residential purposes. 

Natural Beauty: Bringing indoor water fountains into the home can be a clean and easy way to bring some natural elements from our earth to the indoors. Indoor water fountains are designed with things such as rocks, stone and metal to emulate the outdoor's natural beauty. These earthy elements offer a nice color that fits in with most any home, and provides a beautiful piece of decor, as well.

Stress Relief: There is certainly a reason that indoor water fountains are known to be found in yoga studios, spas and hotel lobbies! They provide a sense of calm that is often necessary in those types of environments.

While the home is where you hang your hat at night, it is true that stress from work and school can follow you there. By placing an indoor water fountain in a central location, one can be sure that their stress will dissipate as the sounds of the water fountain soothe them at the end of the day.

Relaxation: While indoor water fountains are helpful when it comes to allowing stress to dissipate, relaxing is another important element in our daily lives. Just like meditation, relaxing allows us to reflect on our day, clear our mind of excess junk and focus. Indoor water fountains come in a variety of setups, and it has been said that tabletop fountains for relaxation are especially helpful. Tabletop indoor water fountains are easily placed on a nightstand or coffee table such that one can lay back on a bed or couch and allow themselves time for relaxation.

Air Purification: You can purify your home air to help avoid a multitude of health conditions such as asthma, allergies, cardiovascular disease and emphysema. One simple way to do this is by purchasing indoor water fountains. This is because that running water attracts negative ions which attract dirt particles in the air you breathe in your home. This means that the water from indoor water fountains (especially a wall fountain) can pull dirt out of the air instead of allowing it to be breathed into one's lungs. 

While it is true that indoor water fountains are soothing in places like yoga studios and spas, it is obvious that utilizing them in the home environment would produce equally (if not more) important benefits in the home.