The Big Event: Making The Most Of Your Party By Renting Equipment

Posted on: 10 August 2015

If you're hosting a big event with a lot of guests, planning and preparation can feel overwhelming at times. While you're probably focused on the decorations, theme, and food, other items like equipment is also essential to making sure the party goes off without a hitch. Rather than shell out a lot of money to buy certain items you'll need, renting them from a place like White Bear Rental is also a viable and often less expensive option. Here's some ideas and suggestions for rentals you may need to ensure you have a successful and stress-free event.

Tables and Chairs

Face it, most people don't have an excess amount of seating and dining tables laying around the house. You can rent sturdy, quality tables and chairs that will provide ample seating for however many guests you'll be entertaining. Before you rent tables, thing about the configuration of the venue you've chosen. You can opt to seat people at round or rectangular tables, and folding tables are a great option if you need to make extra room later on. When it comes to chairs, make sure they are comfortable if people will be seated for long periods of time. Rent folding chairs as well if you need to move them out of the way quickly.


If food is being served, you'll also need to have plenty of dishes, plates, and flatware available as well as cups. These can be rented from a local party supply store, or you can purchase plastic disposable versions. If the event is formal and elegant, it's recommended you rent nicer quality items like china and silver rather than using plastic. Tiered display trays are great for showing off cupcakes and other fancy foods, while silver buffet trays can make any appetizer look even more appealing. 


Party linens can run the gamut from napkins and tablecloths to items that cover the open side of tables. Try to rent linens that will match in color with your other decorations. Think about what material you prefer the linens to be. Silk, cotton, and gauze are all popular choices that can add an extra bit of class to your event. Pretty linen chair covers can be added over seating to make it look more refined, or you can choose soft cushions that match as well. By carefully choosing useful yet beautiful items to rent for your next party, you can reduce cost and stress while making sure you have a night everyone will remember for years to come.