3 Tips For Buying The Perfect Baby Costume For Your Holiday Card

Posted on: 8 December 2015

If you and your family are creating a holiday greeting card, you may want to take the opportunity to dress your baby up in one of the many costumes that will be available during the holidays. A cute costume can add a unique touch to your greeting card, but you should shop for a costume that is photo-friendly. Keep the following three things in mind when choosing a costume in order to have a fun, stress-free photo-shoot.

Avoid Things That Could Cover Your Baby's Face

Costumes that cover your baby's entire head, allowing just their face to poke out, can be cute for caroling or a holiday party, but they can sometimes make it difficult to see your little one's features in a photo. Similarly, costumes with large hats or ones that have items that dangle down over your child's face can make it difficult for the photographer to find an angle that shows your baby's face. 

For the photo shoot, select a costume that shows your baby's face and, if it is characteristic for your baby, their hair. Recipients will appreciate the clear photo. 

Opt for a Temperature-Appropriate Outfit 

If your baby is too cold or too warm for the photo shoot, it will be difficult to get them to smile for a picture. If you are having an indoor photo session, avoid thick, heavy costumes. If you will be outside, make sure your baby will not need an additional jacket to be comfortable, or purchase a jacket that matches their costume. When in doubt, you may want to select a costume with layers that can be removed if your child is too warm. 

Coordinate Colors Instead of Matching 

Matching costumes for all of your children or you and your baby can be cute for parties and other events. However, if you purchase matching costumes for a photo shoot, you run the risk of having your baby blend in with your top, making your child difficult to see in the final photo. Instead of purchasing matching outfits, opt for coordinating colors that will make both you and your baby stand out in your photo. 

A unique baby costume can make your holiday card a fun keepsake for your family. However, before purchasing one, you should consider these three tips. When you are in doubt about a costume, ask your photographer for advice on what will be appropriate for the photo shoot. 

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