Creative And Attractive Outdoor Garden Planters

Posted on: 20 January 2016

An outdoor garden with creative planters is always an interesting attraction. Outdoor planters can be purchased online to add height and variety not possible when vegetation is planted directly into the soil. Depending on the material they are made of, outdoor planters can come in unlimited sizes, shapes, colors, and finishes. Here are some of the different materials and objects that you can use for interesting and well-functioning outdoor planters

Wooden Planters

Wood is a great material for outdoor planters because it weathers well. With continued use, outdoor wooden planters turn a soft gray color that is complimentary to green plants and flowers. Also, wooden planters can get continually wet and dry and still maintain their strength and shape. Wooden planters can be made of spaced slats to eliminate some of the weight of a large planter. Another advantage of wood is that it is extremely easy to work with and customize into non-traditional shapes and sizes. 

Ceramic Planters

Ceramic is the traditional material of outdoor planters and works well because it is glazed and does not absorb the moisture of continued waterings. Ceramic planters come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes and can be decorative or plain as desired. Ceramic planters can be shaped like urns and other classic containers to give a historical, formal look to an outdoor garden. 

Plastic Planters

One advantage of plastic planters is that they are light and can be easily moved. Another feature of plastic planters is that they can mimic the look of many other materials. Plastic can be made to look like wood, ceramic, marble, slate, and other materials. Plastic is also very economical if you want to buy many outdoor planters. 

Stone and Concrete Planters

Planters made of stone and concrete can be very heavy which may be ideal in certain situations. These planters are heavy enough to act as planted barriers or fences when desired. Stone and concrete planters also do not absorb moisture so they are long lasting and can easily endure the changing weather of the seasons.  

Re-purposed Object Planters

If you would like to add a bit of whimsy to your outdoor garden, you can re-purpose household objects into outdoor planters. Some unique objects that have been used as planters are a classic bathtub, a school desk, a toilet, a kitchen sink, a wooden chest of drawers, a dining room buffet, an aquarium, a livestock watering trough, and even a child's wooden potty chair. The more creative and unusual your re-purposed object, the more of a conversation piece it will become.  

All of these garden planters are available for purchase online from many different companies. You can find excellent outdoor garden planters at online garden centers, hardware stores, nurseries, container manufacturers, second-hand shops, discount stores, pawn shops, grocery stores, junk dealers, reclamation dealers, and many other stores and shops. If a container is strong and has drainage, it can be used as an outdoor garden planter. You are only limited by your imagination when buying and using objects available online for outdoor garden planters. Let your creativity run wild and build yourself an interesting outdoor garden. It will inspire great conversations and garner a lot of admiration and compliments.