3 Rare And Sought After Retro Jordan Sneakers

Posted on: 18 February 2016

Nike's Michael Jordan sneakers are iconic and ever present. Even though Jordan's career is long over, there is still great demand for his name brand sneakers. The mens retro Jordan sneakers are among the most sought after shoes. Of course, certain releases are more valuable and sought after than others. This is often only because they are rare. Whether you are searching through your storage, or constantly searching for retro Jordans on the internet or in thrift stores, this guide will be helpful.

Air Jordan 4

The Air Jordan 4 was released in 1989 and cost over $100. Maybe you had a pair! If you own a pair now, they can be considerably more valuable. The shoe was originally released in four different colorways. The most popular colorways were the one that mixed white/black and black/red. These colors match with the Chicago Bulls jersey at the time. Since Jordan was at the peak of his career, these are still among the most sought after Air Jordans. Air Jordans have been reproduced and sold over the years in various different colorways. Of course, the originals are still the most popular and valuable.

Air Jordan 5

The Air Jordan 5 are fairly similar to the 4's. The most popular white color way is easy to pick out because they have the number 23 embroidered on the outside heel. This was of course Jordan's jersey number when he played for the Chicago bills at the time. The shoe was released in 1990 and then re-released in all the same colors in 2000. As you would suspect, the 1990 Versions are more rare but also more valuable.

Air Jordan 7

The Air Jordan 7 was released in 1992 in 5 different colorways. They have a very high ankle and a similar sole to the Jordan 5's. One of the most popular and hard to fine colorways is the white/midnight navy which has a number 9 instead of 23. This is because the shoe was made for Jordan to wear during the Olympics of that year. His his number on the US Olympic "Dream Team" was 9.

if you ever find any of these models, they could be worth a little bit of cash. Even if they are not in great condition, they still might be a rare collector's item so don't discard them. At the same time, be careful when buying online because there are many knockoffs on the market.