Tips For Ordering Uniform Shirts For Your Workers

Posted on: 12 December 2016

Buying custom printed shirts can be one of the more cost efficient methods of providing uniforms for workers. To get the best uniforms for your employees, you should be sure to use several simple tips to avoid some oversights when making this purchase.

Order Both Short And Long Sleeve Shirts

Often, business owners will simply choose to order short sleeve shirts for their employees. This may not seem like a good way to reduce the complexity of the order, but it can lead to comfort issues with your employees. By issuing your employees a shirt and long sleeve work shirt, they will be able to freely choose the one that will make them the most comfortable while still looking professional. While this will add some extra costs to your business's order, it will prevent your employees' productivity from being impacted by the temperature in the building and minimize the need for them to wear unprofessional-looking jackets.

Buy Your Shirts In Bulk

New business owners will often make the error of simply ordering these shirts on an as-needed basis. However, this can be a far more costly way of supplying your workers with these uniforms. To help you save money, you should consider ordering these shirts in bulk as many screen printing companies will offer discounts for those that are making large orders. By keeping an inventory of your available employee shirts, you will always know when it is time to order additional shirts and the sizes that you are needing.

Opt For Cotton Fabric

Choosing mixed fabrics can dramatically lower the cost of your order, but it can have side effects that may not make it worth these savings. For example, synthetic fibers are often not very effective at absorbing the screen printing ink, which can make the ink more likely to peel away from the shirt. Furthermore, synthetic fibers may also be more likely to bleed ink, which can distort the designs that you put on the shirt. In contrast, cotton is excellent at absorbing the ink from screen printing, which can make these shirts last far longer than those made of synthetic fibers. As a result, you may be able to reduce your uniform replacement costs by investing in these slightly higher quality fabrics.

When ordering uniforms for your workers, you need to be aware of some of the steps for maximizing the number of uniforms and the quality of garments that your business's budget can afford. Appreciating the benefits of opting for cotton, ordering box long and short sleeve shirts as well as buying in bulk will make you better prepared for buying uniforms for your workers. Contact a company like Absolute Screen Printing to learn more.